With more local bands, renowned venues, and live music than you know what to do with, wouldn’t it be nice to have an inside source for everything worth doing that Dallas has to offer? That’s where Crate Diggers comes in. We’re a passionate group of music lovers, Dallas enthusiasts, and adventurists who believe in spreading the love. Our goal is to shed light on the very best events, shows, and emerging local artists.

Crate Diggers is a resource—an online music magazine that ranges from concert reviews and  band interviews, to beer + vinyl pairing and local spotlights. We seek out the very best upcoming events with a focus on art, concerts, vinyl, and beer, and compile our findings so you don’t have to. We believe if there’s something worth going to, you should know about it.

Crate Diggers is a supporter—an advocate for the local concert venues, record shops, breweries, and businesses that share our passion in music and art. We ensure vinyl enthusiasts stay updated on album release parties and beer nerds never miss a brewery shindig. We believe in local businesses and their crucial role within the Dallas ecosystem.

Crate Diggers gives exposure—a closely-connected source within Dallas looking to promote artists that need a voice. We strive to offer a platform for good music, inspired art, and authentic experiences by giving the much-deserved underground artist an outlet. We believe local and upcoming artists are the future festival performers, headliners, and sold-out shows—so why wait to discover them?   

Dallas deserves a tribute to its curated culture and dynamite music scene, and you deserve to know what’s worth experiencing. That’s why Crate Diggers helps you dig through Dallas.