Dig Deep With Becky Middleton

Amidst the single release for Becky Middleton’s upcoming album, we sat down with her to dig deep into the lyrics and meaning behind the song, “I’m Still Here”.  Produced by Beau Patrick Bedford,  “I’m Still Here” is Middleton’s anthem for her upcoming album, in which she pours her heart out in cathartic expression.  "The song has a couple of layers to it", says Middleton. "It’s about a break up for sure, but also taps into the rest of my personal and professional life at the time. I channeled all of these feelings into one song.  This was the first song I wrote for the album, and the rest of the album shaped around it."

Press the play button below to listen to "I'm Still Here", and follow along as Becky Middleton breaks down the meaning behind her lyrics.