The Clinton Years @ Double Wide 80's Prom-Themed Valentines Day Party

 Photo credit: Effie Bradley

Photo credit: Effie Bradley

Valentine’s in Dallas is never a neglected holiday. When Double Wide announced they were hosting a Valentine’s-themed 80’s Prom Night, it seemed as if everyone in Dallas was talking about it—and that was proven Saturday night. Wall-to-wall packed crowds flooded the bar to sing along with the 90’s cover band, The Clinton Years, and the 80’s cover band, The Rich Girls, each playing crowd-favorites from start to finish.

In honor of the romantic holiday, Double Wide released a strawberry-version of their famous Yoohoo Yeehaw, The Strawberry Heartbreak Shake, topped with a cherry and candy heart. Other highlights included the Easy Slider food truck and prom photo booth with a zebra-print backdrop. The event drew a wide variety of people, some being an older crowd, clearly pulling outfits from their own 80’s prom, while others frantically hit up Lula B’s thrift store for an authentic look. But despite where the clothes came from, everyone looked sharp, stylish, and straight out of 1985.

 Photo credit: Double Wide

Photo credit: Double Wide

Before The Clinton Years took the stage, we sat down with a few members of the band, Dan Simone, James Gardner, and Ben Kitchens, to learn more about their story, inspirations, and druthers:

Crate Diggers: How did The Clinton Years come to be?

James: Dan and I went to high school together at Highland Park. Back in highschool, I was in an emo band, The Cloverstreets, with Ben and Matt, our drummer. And it was Ben’s idea to start a 90’s cover band.

Dan: Ben came to me at Milo Butterfingers and said “We don’t know what it’s going to be yet, but here’s the name, The Clinton Years. Will you play bass with us?” And I was like you’re goddamn right I will.

James: Ben had the idea, I had the name, Dan had the talent, and Matt had the looks.

Dan: The first rule is the songs had to be released between 1992-2000, during the Clinton administration.

James: And the second rule was no Smells Like Teen Spirit. _______________________________________________________________

Crate Diggers: Why 90’s music?

Dan: We saw a bunch of 80's cover bands doing really well. We thought, it’s time for all of the people listening to 94.5 The EDGE to have a cover band that does Toadies and Smashing Pumpkin.

Crate Diggers: What 90's genre of music do you focus on?

Dan: We’ve been trying to do more pop music. What works best is when Camille is up front leading the way and using her voice.

Ben: Pretty much it’s [Camille] being pretty and us sounding gross behind her. She’s definitely the best part of us. _______________________________________________________________

Crate Diggers: If you had to listen to one 90’s artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Dan: Radiohead

James: Dylan’s 90’s catalog _______________________________________________________________

Crate Diggers: What’s your favorite song to play?

James: Love Fool by The Cardigans  _______________________________________________________________

Crate Diggers: PBR or Craft Beer?

James: Craft Beer. But I wish my answer was PBR, I’m a fancy bitch.

Dan: Craft Beer.  _______________________________________________________________

Crate Diggers: Vinyl or Streaming?

James: I use my own music library. I have an old-school, click-wheel iPod still. For fidelity, I listen to vinyl as much as possible—I’ve got my dad’s old Victrola.

Dan: Ben is quite literally a Crate Digger. Ben is the records-only guy—he’s got 36,000 vinyls in his collection—that is, records and VHS. He hasn’t updated his phone since 2012. I’m a technology guy, so when Spotify came out, I was signed up to be one of the beta-testers. We manage our catalog of what we can play on a Spotify playlist.


We’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows from The Clinton Years. For more great, local shows check out our Event Calendar

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