Foxtrax Brings "The Cabin" on Tour


Indie rock band Foxtrax rolled through Dallas a few weeks back, opening up for Barns Courtney.  If you haven’t heard of them, you will very soon.  Their single “Underwater” was featured on Apple Music’s Alternative Spotlight playlist and SiriusXM’s Alt Nation’s “Advanced Placement”.  Momentum is definitely building for the band, the night Foxtrax was playing in Dallas, they broke the good news that Barns Courtney had asked them to stay on for the second leg of the tour.  Originally from New York, Foxtrax decided to record their debut EP The Cabin over a six month stint in an actual cabin in the woods of North Carolina.  We had the opportunity to sit down with the whole band before they took to the stage — Jared Stenz, Jon Stenz, and Ben Schneid — to hear their story and talk about what it was like recording their EP The Cabin.

You guys have only been a band for a couple years, how did you guys get your start?

Ben: In a bizarre fashion of ways I’d say.  I don't think any of us thought we’d ever be playing together.  Jon and I were friends in high school and they (Jared and Jon) are brothers so we sort of just connected.  We started playing and never intended to form a band, but right away we were like, “Let's go to this cabin in North Carolina to jam out”.

Jon: I just thought of this, but I remember Ben texted me Junior year of high school and was like, “You are my Larry Mullen Jr”.  Me and Jared were playing together in a couple of different bands, but this lineup started about a month before we left for the cabin.  We started playing together and were like, “You know what, let's do it!”

Ben: Looking back on it there was no logical reason why we should have done any of that, we were terrible, we were not a good band.  Objectively you would have saw us and been like, these guys suck.  After we came back from the cabin we went from terrible to mediocre.  We were there for about 6 weeks, and we definitely found the band there.

Coming from New York, why did you pick North Carolina to record this EP?

Ben: High ceilings.  Jared looked on trip advisor or whatever it was, we wanted to record the whole thing ourselves.  We were going under the delusional impression that we were going to go to the cabin and record a 13 song album, put it out there, and it was going to be high quality.

How many songs did you actually record in the cabin?

Ben: Probably about 12, we went for it.  Maybe one day we will release the others, there are some very mediocre demos for songs no one has heard.  We had some deep cut demos really, I think there are a lot of songs on there that maybe just weren’t ready yet that we might come back to and rework the chorus or something.

When you left your recording session in the cabin, did you feel that you had accomplished what you had set out to do?

Ben: I think we felt very accomplished when we left, but looking back now I can’t even believe that what we did there for six weeks has gotten us so far in such a short amount of time.  We have been so blessed and fortunate that we've had a great path so far.

How have you guys grown as a band since this tour started.

Ben: I think our tightness has improved a lot and our style is just way more groovier.  I don't think our sound is that different, we’re pretty much the same band, but our grooves are tighter, dancier, and more fun to play.  We’re just a better band.  We’re starting to find how we play together and what our moves are.  I can say, “Oh at this part of the song, these are Jon’s habits, this is what Jared might do”.  That's what a good band is.

Jon: I think you appreciate how far you’ve come, but the better you get the much more in tune you are to how bad you actually were.  You don't see the mistakes you were making then.  So now we're super critical because we want to make things better.