Future Generations On Their New Album Landscape

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

NYC indie-pop band Future Generations is making their way to Dallas this week to perform tracks from their recently released sophomore album Landscape. The band set out to create an album that showed their maturity and ability to evolve their sound. We caught up with the group before their show to find out how their inspirations and creative process shaped their latest addition to their discography.

What was the process like when creating your new album Landscape? How did this album come together?

The process behind this album was almost electric. After compiling a number of demos, we took them into the studio and produced and recorded them over a 12 day period. It was a whirlwind of creativity that none of us had experienced before, and things just seemed to click. All of us were working during this time as well, so it forced different combinations of us to be together any given day. It was a treat to come into the studio the next day and see what some of the other guys were able to come up with.

What inspired the band while creating this new release?

We have so many inspirations at any given moment, but leading up to the album we had been influenced by punk bands like White Reaper, and the minimalism and production of Sylvan Esso. Hippo Campus, Phoenix, and Jay Som are a few others. As far as personally, Eddie had just ended a serious relationship and was experiencing a lot of new things in that part of his life, so lyrically that’s where a lot of the songs are coming from.

How would you say your sound has evolved since your last album?

The word that kept coming up throughout the making of this album was maturity. We didn’t necessarily set out to make a “mature” record (whatever that means), but the songs this time around are a little more thoughtful and deliberate. We really tried to stretch ourselves to make something new and exciting for us, and we think the end result reflects our growth. Every area of the process was really toiled over. Songwriting, production, mixing, we were very meticulous.

What songs from your new album are you most excited to play live on this tour?

We’ve been playing Landscape for a little bit, and it’s extremely fun for us to play. But new ones like “Take Me There” and “Out Loud” we are excited to play for people. Also, we’re big fans of “Caught Me By Surprise”!

Take a listen to their new album Landscape below, and don’t miss their show on September 29th at Three Links.

Mariah Estran