Jeremy Biggers On His Latest Music Video "Tell Me"

Photo: Jeremy Biggers

If you have seen a local music video in the last few years there's a strong chance you are familiar with the work of Jeremy Biggers. He has worked with some of Dallas’ most talented artists like Sam Lao, 88 Killa, Blue the Misfit, Sudie and Sarah Jaffe. Biggers latest collaboration is with the soulful Becky Middleton for her latest single “Tell Me”. The concept of the video expresses the lyrics of “Tell Me ” vividly through a melodic story of relationships.  We caught up with the multi-talented Jeremy Biggers for a quick Q&A on his latest video.

With this being Becky Middleton’s first music video, what direction or advice do you give someone like that to try and make them feel comfortable?

I try to make everyone comfortable on set whether its their first video or their 50th. I just remind them that we're working in a pretty forgiving medium in the sense that we can edit around any mistakes or awkwardness. And if we do anything that is just absolutely dumb or embarrassing we delete it right then and it never sees the light of day. Other than that, just have fun.

Photo: SohoStory courtesy of D Magazine

A lot of the videos you work on are hip-hop focused, is there anything you have to change up in your style of directing to fit a different genre of music?

No not at all. I am a fine artist and graphic designer by trade, so I'm used to fitting the clients needs no matter what they may be creatively. Shooting a hip-hop video or a soul or a country or a rock video are exactly the same. Fortunately the camera buttons don't move around based on what you're shooting.

What was your concept or story you were trying to show with the “Tell Me” video?

I wanted the video to tell a story about a woman meeting a man and going through all the ups and downs of a relationship, specifically where one party within the relationship isn't as open and communicative as the other. Obviously relationships last longer than 4 minutes so I had to creatively tell that story within the duration of the song.

The church scene is one of the most memorable I think of the video, what were you trying to show with that setting?

The church scene was actually a bit of divine intervention. We were scheduled to shoot at another location that day, and after we showed up, found out we wouldn't be able to shoot after all. Becky and I in a panic tried to figure out where we could shoot and she mentioned she might have access to a church. The church was gorgeous, and definitely shared the spotlight with Becky in that second act. It's absolutely my favorite scene of the video as well. I think that scene ultimately illustrates the "take em to church" element of that part of the song.


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