Jonathan Tyler and Friends Ushering in 2018 at Granada Theater

Photo: Austin James

What’s sure to be one of the best concerts in 2017 takes place on the very last day of the year when Jonathan Tyler hosts his 10th annual New Year's Eve show at Granada Theater.  The artists joining Tyler on stage reads like a music festival lineup; Nikki Lane, Paul Cauthen, The Texas Gentlemen, Vandoliers and Charlie Sexton.  We caught up with Jonathan Tyler earlier this week for a quick Q&A on his highly anticipated NYE show.

Crate Diggers: If you had to pick one, which NYE show in the last 10 years was your favorite or most memorable?

Jonathan Tyler: I feel like the shows get better every year.  Last year we had a killer show with Nikki & Paul.  I think this year is definitely gonna take the cake.  Too many surprises.

CD: Can you set the scene for that first show 10 years ago, and talk about how your NYE show has evolved over the years? 

JT: 10 years ago I was 22.  My party was in full effect and everything in the music industry felt new to me.  I was honestly surprised they let me take over the theater on such a big night.  We were basically just wide eyed carousers.  So not much has changed.

CD: Looking back even to last year, it's really amazing to see how much everyone on your lineup has grown musically and found more success in 2017. Can you talk a little about how important is for you to continue to help and support these other artists?

JT: Success is so subjective so I always defer to the art of making music.  It's what grounds me in this unforgiving attention disordered age we're living in.  Paul, Nikki, & the TX Gentlemen all obsess painstakingly over their art.  It's a blessing for those of us listening.  And maybe their burden at times.  I like to think NYE is a perfect night for us to celebrate each other and show gratitude to the gods for giving us another chance to share a tune together.

CD: Looking ahead to the new year, what are your plans musically or what are you most looking forward to in 2018? 

JT: I'm working on several projects right now.  Writing a ton.  Waiting for the right moment to sing my song.  Can't make any promises but I'm doing my best to have a new record in 2018.

Jonathan Tyler and friends take the stage at 9 p.m. Sunday December 31st at Granada Theater. After the show the party doesn't stop as The Belmont Hotel will host an official concert afterparty.  If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, grab them here before the show sells out. 

Austin James