Behind the Scenes of Medicine Man's New Music Video - "Bittersweet"

Photo: Cal Quinn

Easily one of the most exciting and talked about musical acts coming out of Dallas is the duo of Keite Young and Robert Burt, known as Medicine Man Revival.  Medicine Man's upcoming album was produced at our favorite local studio, Modern Electric, and is expected to be released later this summer.  In anticipation of the forthcoming album, Medicine Man recently released their first single "Bittersweet" and now we are excited to share the coinciding music video.  We caught up with the man behind the video, Director David Redish, who shared his vision and some exclusive behind the scenes photos from the filming of "Bittersweet".

What direction did MMR give you as far as what they were looking for from this music video?

MMR gave me three notes when I took on the "Bittersweet" music video. One, it has to be black and white. Two, it needs to start off as a blissful, sexy, sweet love story. Then at the bridge the love waivers, the fighting escalates and by the end of the track they’ve completely fallen out of love. And three, “do whatever crazy, psychedelic things you want.” Jason Burt (MMR).

When I delivered the final cut they (MMR) were blown away, and so was I. Such a simple idea, a possible cliche, yet when executed with emotional depth and an original style gives one all the right feels. The piece matches the sentiment of the track perfectly. A testament to clear vision and expectations from all parties. 

What was your concept or story that you were trying to tell in this video?

The overall theme is; Love, which if it doesn’t come truly from the heart, is fleeting. Conceptually I wanted to feel the physical connection between the lovers (played by: Keite Young and Kavo Kat). I wanted to capture a sexual animalistic energy, and over time reveal that this alone isn’t enough. The images of Keite ‘watching’ Kavo (a voyeur), creates a strange disconnect over the course of the video. The stylized nature of the piece relies heavily on Jason Burt’s badass producing, which gave me a reference to set the the video’s pacing, builds and structure.

Why did you decide to make the video in black and white?

MMR was creating a series of videos and asked that they all be black and white. I normally work in rich color palettes so this was a challenge. When the color was restricted it made my cinematographer (Evan Burns) and me focus on the basics: lighting, composition, and exploring tonal range. It was also a fun challenge for my stylist/art director (Sage Annen), allowing her to focus more on textures and creating contrast, which she did beautifully.

On set, all monitors had the video feed in black and white. I never even saw the footage in color until after we finished the edit. Then I got really excited. Even though we didn’t pay any attention to the color in camera: settings, wardrobe or makeup; Because we were so diligent with the variables we could control, in color the images POP off the screen. So I decided to do the teasers for the video in color. First off, to mess with people when they see the full video in black and white. And secondly, to show off the beauty we accidentally created.

Why did you decide to take on this project working with MMR and what are your thoughts of them as artists?

First off, the track is dope. I have two rules when I take on a music video: I have to dig the music and I have to have creative control. MMR gave me those two and the rest fell into place perfectly. 

I’m also a huge soul and hiphop fan. When I heard Jason’s production and Keite’s vocals I knew I wanted to be a part of this. These cats are focussed, serious, driven, have vision and match my trajectory as an artist. They know what they want, and they want the best for their brand. They never got in my way creatively or tried to micromanage the process. This was the perfect blend of how two different types of artists can work together seamlessly, be proud of the result and have fun in the process.

I recently had the privilege of visiting an MMR recording session at Modern Electric (Dallas). I can candidly say their new record is going to blow people away, and the videos are going to ruffle some feathers. 

Check out some exclusive behind the scenes photos from the filming of the "Bittersweet" below.  

The video will officially premiere live at the Nasher til’ Midnight Series tonight accompanied by a Medicine Man Revival performance.

Production company, SLICE, Revival Media
Producers: Cesar Jasso (SLICE), Peter Klayman
Directed/Edited: David Redish
Cinematography: Evan Burns
Post-Production Support/Editor: Craig Doig (The Neon Horizon)
Styling/Art Direction: Sage Annen
Behind the Scenes Photography: Jordan Taylor Mathis
Location: The Belmont Hotel