Overcoats Coming Back to Dallas Armed With a New Single

Photo: Anna Aazrov

After stopping through Dallas last September, the incredible NYC-based duo Overcoats are coming back on Thursday, February 1st to play Trees, opening for Tennis!

Overcoats is the New York-based female duo of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their debut album YOUNG received such an incredible response that they decided to release a deluxe edition of the album that features a brand new single titled "I Don't Believe In Us". Overcoats’ music draws strength from vulnerability, finding light through darkness, and the catharsis of simple, honest songwriting. We caught up with Hana and JJ of the Overcoats while on the road to talk about their tour and new single "I Don't Believe In Us".

Crate Diggers: “I Don’t Believe In Us” is such a jam, why was that song not included initially on your debut album YOUNG?

Overcoats: Ahhhh, that banger wasn't on YOUNG because we didn't write it until the album had already come out! We wrote that in the first month of touring our album. It felt like a reflection on the process of making the album, of growing up.. so it acts a nice epilogue to the project, a decision to keep believing in ourselves despite the realities of living as a touring musician, and romantic fairy tales being shattered around us.

How have you grown as a duo since you first linked up and started making music?

We've transitioned from being friends to being almost sisters. We're business partners, we spend all day everyday together. For us, that has meant that we exist as family more than friends. That has translated to our music making process and the way we approach all aspects of the project. We're locked in.

What have been some of your favorite moments or experiences on tour so far?

Whenever anyone comes up to us and says they connect to our song '23'... we feel extremely moved. It's moments like those, where we see the way people all over the country are seeking solace in our lyrics, that encourage us to keep going-- to keep writing --to keep touring.

What are you plans after the tour?  Do you plan on starting to write for another album soon after?

Yes! We're dying to have a month to sit down and put all our thoughts and feelings into words and melodies. It's been almost a year on the road so we've got a lot to say!

Lastly, If you could collaborate with any other artist or band on your next album who would it be?

Frank Ocean, The Staves, Coldplay...just to name a few!

Make sure you check out Overcoats on Thursday, February 1st at Trees in support of Tennis. Tickets to the show can be purchased here.