Youtube Star Sara King Release Her First EP

18-year-old, glitter pop singer-songwriter Sara King is beginning her journey as a local musician. She has gone from covering songs on her heavily followed YouTube channel to now creating something she can call her own. Back in July, she released her first ever single “Dreamz”, a bubbly summer tune that lives up to its name. But on August 4th, she will drop her EP HEAT, a five-song introduction to what the artist has in store.

We spoke with Sara King before her EP release show on August 4th at the Texas Theatre. She told us more about HEAT, her creative process, and who she is as an artist.

Tell us more about your background, how did you get into music? How did this become something you wanted to pursue?

I grew up with my dad playing guitar and singing around me as a kid. I grew up listening to Taylor Swift and other female artists. It inspired me to want to learn how to play guitar. So, I started taking guitar lessons at 11-years-old.

I really always wanted to sing, but I was always embarrassed to. I would not sing in front of people, only to myself. One day my friend pushed me out of my comfort zone by convincing  me to sing with her for a YouTube video. That’s when I opened myself up to singing and playing guitar, then I started doing covers on YouTube.

You have an awesome collection of covers on your YouTube channel, what made you want to start creating your own music?

I've always wanted to song write and create my own music, but I just didn’t know when the right time would be. I think after having my own YouTube channel for four years, and doing covers, gaining experience, and gaining a group of people of who watch me (an audience), that was the right time to grow and mature. I got serious about my writing about a year ago. That’s where this EP is coming from. It’s coming from things I have written over the past year to now.

Tell us more about your first single “Dreamz”, why did you want to release this song first?

I was working on a handful of songs at the time, and I felt the most confident with this song. I felt like this one would gain a lot of listeners, and would make it more exciting for people to hear the rest of the EP. “Dreamz” was inspired by a really enticing beat I found on YouTube, and then I wrote over it. At the time, I was super bored and alone because this guy kept dropping our plans. So, I would kind of daydream about him since I couldn’t actually be with him.

What was the process like when creating this collection of songs for your EP?

Four out of the five songs that are on the EP were created as YouTube beats first. I would find these beats that went with my vibe, then I’d write over them, and then I would send them to my friends to get opinions from them. But I worked with the band, Herrick & Hooley. They are amazing producers, and they helped me create this EP into what I wanted it to sound like.

I wrote about what was going on in my life at the time. There is this song called “88 Days”, that’s about my ex. It’s about waiting a long period of time to figure things out because we were going through some issues, and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

How would you describe your sound?

Right now, I call it Glitter Pop because in some of my songs you can hear a glittery sound. Kind of like in “Dreamz”, you can hear a groovy, glitter type sound. But also, I feel like I am R&B. So you’ll hear a song called “Honeymoon” that’s more R&B and a slow kind of vibe.

Were there any musical influences you were inspired by while creating this EP?

I was super inspired by artists like Kali Uchis, Sophie Meiers, Amy Winehouse, and Homeshake. There are just little elements of each those artists that you can hear as inspiration. For the EP, I wanted it to sound summery, and I feel like those artists inspired me in different ways.

As you enter this new era, creating your own music and performing, what do you want people to know about you as an artist after they listen to your EP?

I want people to have a good time with it. I want people to dance to it, have fun and listen to it with their friends. I’ve started working on a full-length album, which is already proving to be an experience that I believe will help me grow as an artist, and hopefully help me open up more and get on a more personal level. So, right now, the EP is an intro to what’s coming next.

What can we expect from your EP release show on August 4th?

My friend Victor Internet is going to be performing a set. Then I am going to be performing all my songs from the EP with Herrick & Hooley. And I think we are going to listen to the EP. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and people are going to hear a lot of unreleased music, and then my EP will drop that night.

You can catch Sara King perform at her EP release show on August 4th at the Texas Theatre. Tickets are on sale now.

Mariah Estran