The Unlikely Candidates Release Long Awaited New EP

 Zach Burns Photography

Zach Burns Photography

Armed with a new EP, label, and tour; The Unlikely Candidates are set to take the world by storm. For the five guys that make up The Unlikely Candidates, success has always been breathing on the back of their necks. However, for the up-and-coming act, this path came with its own array of obstacles. From starting out as an acoustic duo in the suburbs of Fort Worth, to becoming a rock powerhouse and signing a major record deal with Atlantic Records, the guys have come a very long way. After the release of their first EP Follow My Feet, and a string of dates directly supporting Fall Out Boy on tour in 2013, everything was going according to plan.

Vocalist, Kyle Morris, recalls the moment when he knew this was the path he was going to dedicate his life to. “Our first day of tour, we played this place called St. Pete’s in Florida and there was probably around 7,000 people there. This was our first show as a signed act, and we went on stage with a bottle of Jameson and finished it throughout our set and loved every minute of it. It was insane. To us that’s where we felt like we belonged. Everything just felt right."

Zach Burns Photography

The road to the top was easy, but staying there seemed to be a difficult task. The band was notified that they had been dropped from Atlantic records — a harsh realization that major label success often comes with red tape and setbacks. However, getting dropped by their label simply meant it was time to regroup and find a new home. The Unlikely Candidates used this as motivation to do things their way the second time around. After spending some time in Long Beach, California, at bassist Jared Hornbeek’s parents house; the band started writing for months eventually creating a group of songs that would later become their next release. The band sourced inspiration in from their West Coast lifestyle, explaining:

“We really started to incorporate hip-hop into our sound. Brent’s favorite producers shifted from Danger Mouse to Dr. Dre because we were really living that life on the West Coast. Snoop Dogg even came from the neighborhood we were staying at. This is where “The Best Things In Life Aren’t Free” was written.”

After leaving California and moving into a rental house in Fort Worth, The Unlikely Candidates wrote for hours everyday for three months, emerging with “Violence”; a seductive down-tempo track thriving on bass that’ll joyfully shatter your eardrums when played high enough. With a relentless work ethic, the group complied enough songs and attention to attract a new label; Santa Monica’s Another Century Records. The Sony affiliated indie label was a perfect match, and The Unlikely Candidates signed to Another Century and began the plans to release their next project. “In the major label game, they sit on you until you have a single that they’re willing to promote. Once they’ve decided they’re willing to promote that single, then they’ll make a video and promote that single to radio. If the single does well, then they’ll let you release an EP.”

In February, 2017 The Unlikely Candidates dropped their first project in 3 years: Bed of Liars. The 19-minute EP is the result of endless work ethic and motivation. Each track on the release has its own unique sound, which results from years of assembly. “Atlantic would not let us release a song and because we haven’t been able to release anything, these songs are work that we’ve been writing for three years. A lot of the songs are from different time periods.” The lead single off of Bed of Liars: “Ringer” is a radio-ready pop ballad with a strong and catchy hook.

Ditching the major label red tape, The Unlikely Candidates were finally ready to hit the road and share the new release with the world. Bed of Liars is their most defining work to date with obvious signs of progression in songwriting and instrumentation. “The coolest thing about Another Century is that they’re eager to release new music. It doesn’t feel like a major label like Atlantic did. It has that at-home feel.”  

Eager to get on the road, the group announced The People’s Choice Tour that kicked off on February 17th, and will span nearly 4 months with over 20 destinations. The Unlikely Candidates are allowing the fans of each date to vote and decide which three songs they want them to play during their set. Be sure to check out the Texas rockers at their hometown show on March 11th, in Dallas opening up for Jimmy Eat World at the Dallas Observer St. Patrick’s Day Concert.

Matt Carlin