Valley Queen Brings Supergiant Back To Dallas

Los Angeles-based four-piece, Valley Queen, released their highly anticipated debut album Supergiant earlier this year. Lead by frontwoman Natalie Carol the 10-track record is potently raw and full of emotion. Supergiant leaves a lasting impression thanks to Carol’s stirring lyricism and vocals reminiscent of The Cranberries or Florence and the Machine. Valley Queen's live show is known for packing a punch and we expect to see the same this Friday when the band opens up for Social Distortion at the House of Blues. We caught up with Natalie Carol of Valley Queen for a quick Q&A before their show in Dallas later this week.

You guys have been making music and playing together for a few years now, how does it feel to finally have your first full length album out?

It’s been a long time coming and we’re proud of it, feels great!

The album is titled Supergiants and from the cover imagery you are obviously referring to the Supergiant stars. What was the meaning behind choosing that for the album title?

Yeah, supergiants are some of the largest stars we know of. They are the brightest burning stars and they usually burn the quickest. I liked that metaphor. The title track of the album is talking about moments when you are burning the brightest, often fade the quickest but you should burn nonetheless....

“Gems and Rubies” instantly struck me with the classic guitar riff from “Crimson and Clover”. Was that guitar riff something you always had in mind when writing that song?

I didn’t realize it was “Crimson and Clover” until audiences started shouting that title when I started playing the intro. It was an accident, but I like that accident. It’s a classic chord progression.

You are definitely a rock band, but I also love the more acoustic haunting and echoing vocals in your music. Who are some other bands/artists that have influenced your sound?

So many influences! Brian Eno, Pavement, Big Star, Robert Plant to name a few.

For concert goers who have never seen a Valley Queen show before what can they expect from your upcoming performance with Social Distortion and Justin Townes Earle?

We are really stoked to be out on the road after taking a few months off. We’ll be turned up and bringing out lots of pent up energy. See you there!!!

Be sure to check out Valley Queen this Friday, September 13th at the House of Blues Dallas.

Austin James