Bully & Diet Cig @ Three Links

Three Links in Deep Ellum welcomed a rowdy group of concert-goers Friday night to share in the blaring excitement of the alt-punk-rock line up. The chill in the air from their open-garage door was lessened thanks to the packed house, and the vibe was effortlessly energetic, as the potential energy built in anticipation for the opener to unleash their first riff.

Austin natives, Malandros, started the night off with their Mac Demarco-esque sound, featuring songs off their album, Milk and Cereal.

New York’s slop pop powerhouse, Diet Cig, greeted the crowd at the merch table with their bubbly personality and an enticing collection of vinyl, tees, and stickers.  Vocalist and guitarist Alex Luciano came bouncing out on stage with a contagious, charming energy that simply demanded the crowd’s attention. The set featured songs off their two-song 7" vinyl, Sleep Tal/inner Date and their EP Over Easy along with a few new songs off their much anticipated debut album due out later this year.

Aside from the pure talent, energy, and soft-punk aura that made Diet Cig’s performance an unforgettable experience, lead singer, Alex’s interim commentary between songs had the crowd laughing at her adorably spunky jokes. Quick comments like, “I love Texas. I’ve had tacos twice today!” were energetically laced in between each song.

The energy only amplified as Bully took the stage, immediately ensuing jumping, headbanging, and thrashing from the crowd with the infamous angst and aggressive lyrics from their wildly accomplished album, Feels Good. Lead singer, Alicia Bognanno, drapes her blonde hair across her face as she puts her soul into her electric guitar—on her knees, leaning back, and shredding with all the angst she possesses for songs like “Too Tough” and “Trying.”

The Nashville natives noted the extra enthusiasm that Deep Ellum possessed in comparison to other stops on their tour. It wasn’t long before a mosh pit ensued, creating a whirling circle of fans screaming lyrics and fighting for the front row. Needless to say, my neck is hurting today.

Post-performance, everyone swarmed the merch table for a photo-op with Bully and Diet Cig, in addition cleaning out the merchandise. Bully had a piece of politics at the table to promote political involvement with a campaign that encouraged concert-goers to write down their questions and concerns to senators and Bully would ensure they’re submitted to the local government official.

In all, the show was wildly entertaining, and a little too much fun. We’ll keep you posted on more upcoming shows at Three Links and future album releases from Bully and Diet Cig!