Astronauts, etc Concert Recap

Photos: Rebeca Posadas-Nava

Astronauts, etc. stepped on stage at Three Links this past Thursday without needing an introduction. The venue was packed with an eager crowd who danced through the first song, “Shut My Mouth”. They performed from Anthony Ferraro’s new album, “Living in Symbol”, produced by Chaz Bear from Toro y Moi. The mellow performance paralleled the album’s theme of a surreal coming of age, and a paranoid spacey vision of the future.

Despite the gentle melodies, the audience responded to the latin psychedelic rhythms and moved with the energy of the music. “Thank you for dancing, I see your moves,” said Anthony Ferraro, the album’s creator. Since this was Astronauts, etc.’s first time in Dallas, midway through the concert Anthony introduced the “angles on stage.” The group also performed a majority of the new tracks off their latest album, including “9 Fingers”, “Who I Talk To”, and “Stray Observations”, “Kelly On The Moon”, “The Room”, and “The Border”. Make sure to check out Astronaut, etc.’s new album on Spotify for haunting and bizarre sound-waves.

Rebeca Posadas-Nava