Bryce Bangs Concert Recap

Photos: Avery Whaite

Dallas native Bryce Bangs hosted his album release show at the Granada Theater last Friday night. Andy Pickett and the Ottoman Turks opened up the night with their own styles of the blues, and Bangs took the stage shortly after to perform his new self-titled sophomore album Bryce Bangs.

Bangs started off his set with “Shameless Blues” which carries a classic blues sound, but mixes in a unique style of power and grit behind the lyrics. Bangs fuses a style of blues, rock, and soul by using harsh guitar licks, loud and powerful bass, and gruff vocals. During his set, Bangs mentioned his songs are all personal to him and he wants his audience to feel the same kind of emotion he is feeling. One song in particular was “Jukebox”, which Bangs said was about a girl who did him wrong, and fitting to the title Bangs said, “I’m not going to go much into detail, but let’s just say I didn’t let her touch my jukebox.”

Photos: Avery Whaite

Bangs also played the three singles he released prior to his album. “Chasing That Gold” starts off with a bang from the intense guitar riff supported by the heavy bass in the background. “Belmont Tiff” is more of a bouncier tune, but still gave off a bluesy vibe. Lastly, out of the three singles, “Taking A Ride” is super groovy, but still features a thundering melody.

Towards the end of his set, Bangs asked the crowd if they like whiskey, and the crowd returned with an approving cheer. With a bottle of whiskey in hand, Bangs bends down by the edge of the stage and cheered the bottle with a fan who was reaching out a beer towards him, which led him into singing “Oh Whiskey, Please” — a slower paced song, with continued energy. It was obvious there was a lot of emotion behind all of his lyrics. You could feel the passion he was projecting behind every word. After closing out the evening with “Use Me”, Bangs thanks his fans for all their support over the years which was followed by a demand for his encore song, “Cocaine Road”. Bryce Bangs is one of those artists who takes audiences on a journey through his life by using music, and he is only just beginning as he continues to perfect his craft.  

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