Beach Slang Recap

Photo: Austin James

“We are Beach Slang and we’re here to punch you right in your big beautiful hearts Dallas,” says lead singer James Alex opening the show at Curtain Club in Deep Ellum on Thanksgiving Eve. 

Followed by the statement, “I’m drunk, happy and in love!”, we knew we were in for a good night. 

Time has flown by since we last saw James Alex of Beach Slang at Sound on Sound 2016 performing a heartfelt solo acoustic set after his band dismembered and his van was broken into. The band has come a long way since, with the same powerful stage presence and a new guitarist and drummer.

The night was animated, lively, and heartfelt; the perfect soundtrack to Thanksgiving Eve. Alex wore his classic ruffled dress shirt with a patched heart sewn onto his blazer.  His banter was both comical and endearing, keeping the crowd constantly entertained the entire night. "We're eating at Big Whiskey in Springfield, tomorrow, 'cause it’s the only thing open. So think about that while you're enjoying your Thanksgiving," said Alex, laughing at the restaurant's name. 

Photo: Austin James

In response to the silent breaks in between songs, Alex shares, "I feel like a fucking librarian who’s really good at its job.” But the crowd was loving every second of it. 

The band veered off the rails of their planned setlist, by asking the crowd if they had any requests. "I've been known to give into peer pressure, so why stop now", says Alex. The crowd immediately requested The Replacements "Bastards of Young"which was one of Alex's favorite bands. And, they played it like it was their own. 

The night was a mix of comedy and punk rock, exactly what you’d expect from Beach Slang. "We've got this new song we’ve been working on," Alex jokes as he starts playing a few chords of Sublime's "Santeria".

Beach Slang is a talented blend of heartfelt punk rock that always promises a great show, an intimate performance, high energy and a few good laughs. Be sure to keep an eye for the band next time they roll into your city. 

Amy Mrstik