Song Premiere: Becky Middleton - "Tell Me"

We are thrilled to premiere "Tell Me", the second single from Becky Middleton's forthcoming record Break the Fever. Produced by Beau Bedford at Dallas' Modern Electric Sound Recorders, the album explores elements of feminine soul, pop and roots and show off the vocalist's writing chops.  In addition to the single, Middleton recorded her first music video with local powerhouse Jeremy Biggers.  We caught up with Becky to talk about the backstory on "Tell Me" and what it was like recording her first music video.

"Tell Me" is very relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship before, and that feeling of trying to be a mind reader.  What's the backstory or inspiration for this song?

I always want what I write to be relatable and speak to people. "Tell Me" is a serious love song about a serious relationship I was in that didn’t work out. This song kind of bookends what we went through, from beginning to end. I was really confused by their actions that seemed to change almost daily, and you hear that in the lyrics. By the end of the song, mirrored in real life, I started realizing my identity, who I was and wasn’t. Basically, 'I love you, but this isn’t gonna work if it continues the way it’s been.’

I love the old school gospel-soul sound, is that always the direction you wanted to go with this song or is that something that came together in the studio with Beau Bedford?

Such a good question. It is the direction I always wanted for this song. And for the upcoming record as a whole. It’s a sound I have always sung for other people’s projects but not my own. It’s what I grew up on, and I’m excited to finally let people really hear me. When I showed this song to Beau, he knew what to do with it. It originally had only one line for the bridge. Beau made me go back and vent my heart out for that section, kinda everything I was holding inside. Which is what you now hear on the song.

Tell me a little about working with Jeremy Biggers on this music video.  What was the conversation like about the concept for this video?  

When I first met Jeremy, I had only known of his amazing work for other artists. I was already a fan. I told him there were three things most important to me: I wanted it to feel classic/cinematic. I wanted the focus to be on me as a singer. And I wasn’t taking my clothes off. Anything beyond that, I told Jeremy he could do whatever he wanted. He came up with a great, straightforward concept that was so beautifully shot. We tell the story of the song and at the end, my man is finally going to tell me what’s on his mind. But we never find out. This is my first official music video, and I definitely had some nerves going into it. I’m pretty sure I laughed in-between every take. But Jeremy was super chill and easy to work with, always rolling with changes and whatever came up.

Becky Middleton is throwing a single release party tonight (Thursday, Feb. 22) that kicks off at 7 p.m. at Spinster Records featuring performances by Becky, along with Kirk Thurmond and Quinten Moore.