Song Premier: McAllister - "Born To Be Like This"

Happy new music Friday, we are excited to bring you "Born To Be Like This", another new song from the alternative pop/rock group McAllister. This new song from McAllister showcases the band's radio ready sound and ability to write a catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing days later.

Lead singer Ty McAllister told us this song was written about dealing with his own anxiety.  "I couldn't handle the thought of being around anyone in the state of overwhelming anxiousness that I was in. I grabbed my guitar & wrote 'Born To Be Like This' through tears of anger towards my mind. That evening had me wondering if maybe internal anguish was just my lot in life. The bridge is my glimpse of hope. It's the reminder that I can't live in the hopeless state that I was in. I had to remember that it wouldn't always be this way."

Be sure to catch McAllister at The Prophet Bar on September 24th playing with The Band Camino, Brother Moses, & The Ivy.

Austin James