Broken Social Scene Concert Recap

It was another casual Tuesday at House of Blues in Dallas. That’s what Kevin Drew, frontman of Broken Social Scene, told everyone as he took the stage. The Canadian indie band is currently touring the US with Belle Game for their newest album since 2010, Hug of Thunder.  The band’s performance was incredible, and with music spanning across many, many years of experimentation, you got to hear a variety of styles and sounds on stage. Ariel’s soft vocals gave you a dream-pop sensation, while earlier songs, like “Texaco Bitches”, made you want to totally jam out. Hug of Thunder is agreed to be the album that brings it all together.

Photo: Ciyeva Lafaye

The entire night was captivating. The atmosphere was outstanding, the music was enveloping, and fans of all ages and backgrounds were getting down. Drew jumped off stage and joined the crowd, complimenting strangers on their clothes, and even acknowledging another with “Oh, you bought a vinyl! In 2018. Congrats!” After some meaningful shout outs to band members, more goofing off, and playful teasing about Brendan’s choice of sweatshirt for the night, Drew excused himself and said, “Sorry guys, we’ve been doing this for so long, were just having fun!”

Broken Social Scene will be touring through the south and up the east coast, in the UK and Ireland, along with some festival performances at Bonnaroo and Pickathon Festival this summer. If you’re already a fan, or need a little taste of what they’re all about, check out their new music here.

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