Song Premier: McAllister - "Confidence In Sadness"

Happy new music Friday! We are excited to bring you a new song from the alternative pop/rock group McAllister. Their latest single "Confidence In Sadness" shows McAllister's ability to write joyfully dark and thought-provoking songs about real life issues. A lot of artists have demons that they write about in their songs, but what is refreshing about McAllister is that they talk about them in an accepting tone that shows they are really comfortable in their own skin.

Lead singer Ty McAllister told us that, "I’ve found that melancholy a natural state for my mind. I am confident that melancholy will endure in my mind, and the melancholy knows that it has found a home in my mind. A match made in heaven. Why am I so self-destructive? Why do I wish for failure at times in the way that I act? Despite all of this, there is a gladness in me, I am sure of it. But it is only visible after briefly scouring my being, up close. I am my own worst enemy. I can bring more destruction to myself than I could ever throw at anyone else. Why do I hate me? Why do I call down the darkest of nights on my own soul?”

Be sure to catch McAllister at Three Links on May 2 opening for The Sherlocks

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