Daniella Mason Recap

Photo: Jenna Doolittle

Daniella Mason performed at Deep Ellum Art Company for her album release party this past Wednesday night, putting on an incredible show. The stage lighting was bright and colorful which gave the atmosphere a fun and upbeat vibe from the moment she took the stage. Daniella put so much energy into her performance; she danced around the stage and had a smile on her face the entire show. Her dancing was contagious and she did a great job of getting the crowd moving and singing along.

Daniella talked about her album in the middle of her set, explaining that half are love songs and half are heartbreak songs, referring to her career. As a completely independent artist, Daniella does everything herself, from writing, playing and producing to graphic design, directing and editing her own videos.

We are already looking forward to the next time she performs in Dallas.  Check out photos from the show below.