Song Premier: Christopher Blake - "Diamonds"

 Photo: Jared Norton & Royal Mercenaries

Photo: Jared Norton & Royal Mercenaries

Earlier this summer we premiered a new song from Christopher Blake and we are happy to announce we have another track to share from the self dubbed Bedroom Poet called "Diamonds".  Inspired by Blake's relationship with his last girlfriend, this song really shows off his ability to create a sexual and catchy Timberlake-esk tune.

Blake said "Conceptually, this whole song is that feeling that a new love creates where everything is romanticized to the point of lavishness. When you’re in this moment everything feels like its the Ritz even if you’re just Netflix and chilling in your crap apartment. The song, from production to melody and lyricism, tries to capture that emotional high and lush atmosphere that this feeling creates".

Be on the lookout for Christopher Blake's EP coming out in early December.  Click here to download or stream "Diamonds" on all of your devices.

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