Diet Cig Concert Recap

Diet Cig returned to Three Links in Deep Ellum last Thursday, their first time back in Dallas since 2016. We caught the beginning of the opener, Great Grandpa and instantly sensed they were one of those bands you can get into the second they start. The breathy screams and raspy vocals was reminiscent of artists like Bully and Speedy Ortiz.

Great Grandpa surprised the crowd by introducing their tiny toy dinosaurs they brought to send crowd surfing and announced, “This song goes out to birds, ‘cause birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. No f**k it. This whole set goes out to our avian friends.”

With the crowd’s energy still reeling from Great Grandpa, Diet Cig came bouncing out to keep it going. They performed as a four-piece band, rather than the usual duo, adding an additional guitarist and keyboardist. Lead singer and guitarist, Alex Luciano, prefaced their set with “Please don’t touch anyone without consent and let your freakiest flag fly!” Playing hits like “Harvard” and “Link in Bio”, their set was just as electrifying as always.

Their happy-go-lucky, quirky demeanor is simply endearing. “Shoutout to all the weirdos in the audience,” Luciano yells. “We say ‘Yeehaw Brother’ anytime anything good happens and it feels good to be in Texas where we can say it so freely.”  

Luciano expressed how great the energies were in Dallas that night and we could say the same about them. We try to catch Diet Cig anytime they come into town and glad we made it out to this amped up performance.

Amy Mrstik