Psychedelic Spaceship Concert Recap

Photos: Avery Whaite

One of Dallas’ musical legends, Ishi, emerged at Trees last Friday for the Psychedelic Spaceship party hosted by Disco TX in Deep Ellum. The night opened up with DJ sets by Blake Ward and Mr. Kitty who were able to draw guests to the dance floor to build the energy in the venue. The night also featured several extraterrestrial themed costumes by guests who were ready to undergo an outer space experience.

Ishi played two sets with a short intermission in between, opening up the first set with “Galaxy Child”, one of the newer singles released this April. The soul, funk, and electronic inspired band from Dallas was able to energize the crowd with their unique performance mix of atmospheric undertones and computerized melodies. Both sets featured a mix of songs from the albums Digital Wounds and Through the Trees, and also a few older songs from the Juno album. Both sets achieved the task of putting an array of fans into a trance, thanks to Ishi’s ability to create a mystical and abstract environment.

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newAvery Whaite