Drahla Concert Recap

Photos: Mark Peterson

Lower Greenville is home to many great eats, bars and even bicycle shops. That’s right, Transit Bicycle Co. sits in the heart of this district and turns into a punk revival scene by night. Drahla, an up and coming post-punk band from Leeds, UK, was the sound of the district on Tuesday night. Drahla is currently touring the U.S. in celebration of their label’s, Captured Tracks, 10 year anniversary. Lina Tullgren and the Wax Chattels joined them for an intimate concert that was filled with the intensity of a sold out theater.

Luciel Brown, the lead singer and guitarist, has a captivating and warping voice that helps Drahla create their distinct sound that trends toward darker indie-punk rock. In addition, Rob Riggs and Mike Ainsley round out the group with heavy and powerful sounds on the bass and drums respectively. The band focused on their latest EP, Third Article, by jamming out to tracks “Form of Luxury” and “Silk Spirit”. Luciel warmly greeted the crowd and Rob noted, “This our first time playing in Dallas and we love it!” The band’s camaraderie was apparent following their performance of “Twelve Divisions of the Day”, when Luciel took a drink of her beer and Ainsley jokingly remarked, “Don’t I deserve a drink too?”

The band wrapped up their set with their popular singles, “Faux Text” and “Fictional Decision”. With their recent release of the EP, Third Article, and success on their U.S tour, Drahla is continuing to pick up momentum around the world with their distinctive sounds in the punk rock universe. Go listen to Third Article on all streaming devices and be ready for more music from Drahla.

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