EZI Concert Recap

Photos: Rebeca Posadas-Nava

Esther Zynn, who goes by EZI, performed at the House of Blues last Thursday. The rising pop princess from New York is the first to sign a label with shoe designer Steve Madden. EZI first made an impression on Steve Madden from her role in Nickelodeon's short lived show The Other Kingdom, which his kids watched. When EZI walked into Madden’s store one day, the two met and their partnership began.

EZI’s music is infused with gorgeous vocals, electronic nuances, and honesty. Despite her expressive glamorous individuality, she is relatable. She explores themes of self doubt, internal struggle, and freedom in her music. Even as an opener for Max, she had the entire crowd singing and dancing with her throughout her performance. “This is my fun song,” she said before playing “DaNcing in a RoOm”. “I want you to look to the person on the right and ask, ‘Do you care?’ and say, ‘No I don’t! And Dance with me.’” Her infectious energy definitely made and impact on everyone in attendance.

Be sure to give EZI a listen and keep an eye out for her next time she comes through the DFW area.

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