Song Premier: Falgoo - "Hands Up"

Photo: Rico Studios

Happy new music Friday, we are thrilled to premier the latest single, "Hands Up" by the blues-rock group FALGOO. Singer-songwriter and vocalist Ashley Falgout teamed up with Corey Howe of Dead Flowers on production for her debut EP - which is also his producing debut. If the first two singles from FALGOO are any indication on what to expect from the rest of the EP, this truly is special project.

"'Hands Up' turned out to be one of the grittier tracks. I remember sitting at the foot of my bed, and not really knowing where to go from there," Falgout tells Crate Diggers. "I had just moved into a new living space, and a lot of the security I had felt previously just wasn’t there anymore. I remember literally throwing my hands to the sky in frustration, that’s where this track comes from. The process for this song was simple and really centered around just letting things go."

Corey Howe of Dead Flowers tells us, "I've been a fan of Ashley's for years. One day, after a few Irish Whiskeys one of us, I can't remember due to the whiskey, decided we should do an album together. At the time I was obsessed with Adele and Lucero because I'm a weirdo, and thought what if I could hear Adele backed by Lucero? I wanted this EP to showcase Ashley's songwriting capabilities and the way she tells stories with her voice. Her voice is just so powerful."

Photo: Rico Studios

Falgoo is set to release its EP FALGOO in collaboration with punk rockers Dead Flowers on Nov. 4. The co-album release celebration will be at Three Links Deep Ellum on Saturday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. The event features music by both bands, plus a live set by psych-rock group Royal Sons. 

Austin James