FOXTRAX Concert Recap

Photos: Ciyeva Lafaye

A line trailed out of Sundown at Granada this past Saturday night as local concertgoers waited to see FOXTRAX take the stage. The Los Angeles based-indie rock band was coming through Dallas for the third time, this time touring with the Tulsa, Oklahoma group Wilderado.

Lower Greenville’s popular venue filled up rather quickly and everyone crowded to the stage as FOXTRAX started playing. Their newest single “Lonely Man on the Island” had everyone singing along to the catchy tune. Their soulful and lively performance made everyone let loose and just enjoy the moment. Guitarist and vocalist Ben Schneid owned the stage with his passionate spirit and high energy. Alongside him were brothers Jon and Jared Stenz on bass and drums adding to the excitement that electrified the audience. The crowd raised their hands and clapped during songs such as “Underwater” from their EP The Cabin. FOXTRAX performed at Deep Ellum Art Co. before SXSW in March and there were several devoted fans who returned to jam out to their favorites.

Ciyeva Lafaye

Before FOXTRAX and Wilderado headed out of Dallas to wrap up their tour over the next few weeks, the two stuck around Sundown to answer a few questions. In response to “What’s your favorite song to perform together”, Jared Stenz of FOXTRAX replied, “Whatever song that you liked the most!” You have to love their ambition to put on a great performance.

We sat down with the guys of FOXTRAX last year, you can check out that interview here.

Check out their new single “Lonely Man on the Island” here, or on Spotify and iTunes.

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