Foxygen's Theatrical Performance Rocks Trees

L.A. based inde rock band Foxygen played at Trees Thursday night and their performance was nothing less than theatrical. Lead singer, Sam France, came out in dress pants and a tied white button-down midriff, while Jonathan Rado rocked his messy fro as he jammed out on keys and guitars. They began with crowd favorites like "San Francisco" and "Follow the Leader", which was sang word-for-word by the crowd, and ending their encore with "How Can You Really" which ensued an obvious dance party.

Complimented by their badass brass section, funky bass, and killer drums, Sam and Jonathan have perfected their unique sound — a dark and animated Broadway meets David Bowie vibe. Sam France embodies the moves and makeup of the music icon with his black and red eye shadow and glitter. It's not Foxygen if there aren't at least three outfit changes, matching the clear theatre background that Sam shows such passion for. 

Gabriella Cohen, the Austin-based four-piece group started the night off at Trees with a peculiarly fantastic performance.  They kicked things off with an a cappella duet, and progressed into a fuller indie rock sound that was reminiscent of the slow jam dance-y vibes of the 50's. Gabriella's deep lead vocals were complimented by the high-pitched harmony of best friend, Kate 'Babyshakes' Dillon, which made for quite the duo. Overall, the group was ominously sweet, shamelessly odd, and imperfectly perfect.