Hippo Campus Concert Recap

Photo: Alaa Nasser

Some may argue over the genre of music Hippo Campus fits within, however, it seems that the band spans genres creating a sound unique to only them.  That’s what makes Hippo Campus a band worth listening to; they don’t follow a specific trend or walk in line with the expectations of their sounds.

The five-piece from St. Paul, Minnesota performed at Canton Hall last week to showcase their latest album, Bambi. They experienced with vulnerability and personal voyage when creating their latest collection of songs which shown through in their performance. They played with intricate instruments, fighting against the normal sounds we’re accustomed to hear live.

The audience sang along to the tracks, “Why Even Try” and “Doubt” where the lyrics revealed a hidden truth behind relationships. They even played their other popular songs from their previous album such as “Suicide Saturday” and “Way It Goes.”

While Hippo Campus is great to stream, their live performance amplifies their songs to a whole new level,  in which the instruments are more intensified, creating a whole new experience in the way the music is taken in.

Also, the rumors about DeCarlo Jackson being remarkable on the trumpet are true. Next time Hippo Campus is in town, don’t miss them. In the meantime, check out their latest album Bambi on Spotify.

Alaa Nasser