HypeFest Recap

Photo: Avery Whaite

CultureHype hosted Hypefest at The Rustic last Saturday to celebrate their 5 year anniversary as a Dallas music-based PR firm that boasts a star studded lineup of clients. Hypefest was an all day long event featuring a lineup including Maya Piata, Remy Reilly, Becky Middleton, Silas Nello, LEV, Seysei, 88 Killa, D & Chi, Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials, The Mammoths, Mecca, Larry gEE, Goodnight Ned, and Henry the Archer.

Maya Piata opened the day by playing five songs from her Sunny Days EP, which included an acoustic act of her song “Fall in Love”. Her catchy choruses, beautiful dynamics, and energetic dance moves gave the crowd a solid and fun performance. Fourteen-year-old signer songwriter Remy Reilly took the stage up next and played a mixture of original songs and covers on the keyboard. “26” puts listeners in a trance by drawing them in with her mature, deep lyrics and slow rhythm, while “Rattlesnake” gives you a feeling of anger from the sound of Reilly’s raspy voice. She finished off her set with a medley of ZZ Ward songs.

Photo: Avery Whaite

Becky Middleton and her four-piece pop, soul, and folk band were able to capture a soulful sound with her soft melodies and piano heavy music. She played a handful of songs, which all displayed the powerful vocals Middleton is known for and her unique and relatable lyrics. Silas Nello and his band from Dallas started off with “Holy Ghost Blues” which was able to set a powerful tone for the rest of their set which carried a consistent rock-n-blues meets Texas folk sound accompanied by Nello’s unique raucous vocals. The band also paid tribute to the Rolling Stones by covering the ever-popular song, “Dead Flowers”.

Holly Peyton, aka LEV, rocked The Rustic with her bright personality and powerful electronic-pop 80’s sounding ballads. LEV performed tracks off her 2015 Fear No Evil EP such as “Try” and “Never Let You Go” and her latest release “Last Mouth Running”. She finished off her set by displaying some of her talent on drums at the end of her hit song “Shadow”. Seysei wowed the crowd with her enthusiastic back-up dancers, a DJ, and a choreography that lit up The Rustic. The pop singer performed a mix of pop and R&B songs including some of her original singles.. She sticks to her roots with influences from her Indian background and American upbringing, and featured rapper Matt Swagnew.

Photos: Avery Whaite

By mid-set list for Hypefest, the environment was perfectly set for a continuously energetic evening and an excited crowd that was ready to hear more talent. Rapper, 88 Killa, was a ray of energy, making jokes throughout his performance about how “devishly handsome” he was and warned against taking action in Facebook arguments. His unforgettable character was one the crowd was sure not to forget. D and Chi, vaulted onto stage with big dancing movements, powerful catchy lyrics, and an uplifting energy that was followed by the sexy, smooth, and John Mayer influenced sound of Kirk Thurmond and The Millennials. With acoustics played by Thurmond, his catchy lyrics and R&B sound flooded the crowd.

Photo: Ciara Perozzi

Later in the evening, The Mammoths began their set with an intoxicating medley that moved the band’s frontman, David Kapsner, to take off his boots and play their set barefoot as he danced around on the stage. M3cca, on the other hand, displayed a completely different type of sound that people couldn't help but gather closer to experience. Her psychedelic R&B vibe directly referenced Erykah Badu, and sent a sensually powerful essence throughout The Rustic.

Larry Gee, came on stage with an outward, infectious swagger that translated directly through his music. During his set, he brought out three special guests including 14-year-old sensation, Remy Reilly. Before closing out the night, Goodnight Ned took the stage, amplifying their poetic songwriting and powerful keyboard into a fiery stage presence. Putting an end to a truly exceptional festival, Henry the Archer, a Fort Worth native, presented impeccable guitar tones and passionate punk lyrics performed by frontman, Richard Hennessy. 

There is no doubt Hypefest was a very successful event and five star display of the musical talent Dallas has to offer.

Photos: Ciara Perozzi