Japanese Breakfast Concert Recap

Japanese Breakfast closed out the night at RBC after opening acts Mannequin Pussy and Spirit of the Bee Hive revved up the crowd. 

On the heels of releasing the critically acclaimed Soft Sounds From Another Planet, Japanese Breakfast brought their indie pop project to lifeThe album is a work of self-reflection that looks out at the cosmos in search of healing, finding inspiration in science fiction, outer space, and the Mars One Project.

Admitting to being hungover and finding everything mindlessly silly, lead singer Michelle Zauner gave comical commentary the entire show. During song breaks her hungover self wondered what was on TV and pointed out the paper plate on stage that made her laugh.  Before playing the song "Boyish", Michelle mentioned how it reminded her of high school prom and never getting asked to dance, saying, "It's funny that the things that people didn't think were very cool about you, got you a job."

Sirius XMU radio hit song "Road Head" played mid show with an encore-energy from the crowd.  Michelle had us cracking up the entire show with comments like, "There are a lot of people wearing glasses at this show. I don't know if you've ever been in my situation looking at a crowd in the dark wearing glasses, looking back at you....it's kinda scary...like a bunch of little owls."

Introducing the song "Til Death", Michelle explains it's about that deep anger when you get out of the car and go into the grocery store and your friends don't wait for you to walk in. A classic moment that anyone can relate to. Their last song was about loving a machine and Michelle gave it her all by jumping into the crowd to dance the end of the song out.

If you have never seen a Japanese Breakfast show, do yourself a favor and catch them next time they are in town.  In the meantime check out their latest album Soft Sounds From Another Planet.