Jess Williamson Concert Recap

Photos: Avery Whaite

Singer-songwriter Jess Williamson from Austin, Texas is on her US Tour to promote her new LP Cosmic Wink. Williamson showed up to the Ruins in Deep Ellum on July 26th to a crowd of eager fans anticipating a night full of indie rock. Williamson expressed how grateful she is for this opportunity and mentioned how this is only her second time to play in Dallas. Shane Renfro, of RF Shannon also played accompanied Williamson's set, playing on the piano, guitar, and providing backup vocals.

Williamson creates a country influenced psychedelia sound that sends her listeners into a daydream. Williamson played the majority of the songs in her set from Cosmic Wink, including slower songs such as "Wild Rain" and "Love on the Piano" with their lighter arrangements, soft vocals and quiet guitar-picking melodies. The ripping and brooding sound in “Dream State” was a journey of its own; the heavy and slow guitar riffs, loud bass, and haunting vocals transport the listeners into an ethereal dream state. Another song that you could tell was near and personal to Williamson's heart was “Mama Proud”. Her voice and the lyrics were very intimate, in which you could really feel and hear the emotion in Williamson's voice.

Williamson’s entire powerful and playful set was an explosion of intimate indie rock from start to finish.

Avery Whaite