Misterwives and joan Concert Recap

Photos: Austin James

Friday night, Misterwives and joan ventured out to Arlington Backyard, a brand new venue sandwiched between the Rangers and Cowboys Stadium and boasts an open, covered concept with a second floor bar balcony that overlooks the stage. Despite heavy rains and thunderstorms, eager fans refused to miss this epic show.

Opening the night, joan, a two-piece group from Little Rock, Arkansas, casually took the stage, exciting a fan base unmistakably there for them. Their twinkling, synthpop sound was heavy with electric keys and zingy guitars. Their popular track “Tokyo” was a slow, yet energetic 80’s synth-drenched track, bringing to mind driving late at night through the neon lit streets of Tokyo.

Keeping their set focused on the music, lead guitarist and singer Alan Thomas quickly introduced himself and drummer Steven Rutherford, and returned to their eclectic, upbeat tunes. Defined by trumpety synths and ambient anthems, their dancey set was reminiscent of Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” soundtrack. joan is a young band, having only been around a year and half, yet still maintains a dedicated fan base in DFW, who came out to hear their recent EP porta. After an animated indie-pop performance, they ended their set with “love somebody like you”.

When a heavy storm delayed Misterwives’ set, the crowd patiently waited, singing in unison to “Mr. Brightside” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” playing in the background. To make the wait less dreary, members of Misterwives hand delivered cookies to the audience and took selfies with fans to brighten spirits.  And almost 2 hours later, a crowd of dedicated, tireless fans were greeted by a long-awaited and unforgettable performance from Misterwives.

Photos: Austin James

Igniting their set with “Machine”, the crowd roared with applause, singing every word with lead singer, Mandy Lee. Dressed in pink camo pants and a studded black beret, Lee’s style is a colorfully curated reflection of her quirky personality. The band powered through their set, fighting against the looming storm and playing favorites like “Coloring Outside the Lines” and the band’s first ever written song, “Oceans”. Lee dedicated “Drummer Boy” to her very recent husband, drummer Etienne Bowler, who she serenades throughout the track.

“Thanks for reminding us that playing live shows is the greatest thing in the whole damn world,” Lee says as the band shares their gratitude for the energy Arlington brought to the show. Ending a few songs early due to lightning, Misterwives closes out the night with “Reflections” putting the cherry on top to a thrilling, high-energy evening.

If you haven’t seen joan perform live yet, make sure you check them out when they return to Dallas on October 18th at the House of Blues.

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