Luna Concert Recap

Saturday night, Luna came through Dallas with opener Flaural for a nostalgic performance at Granada Theater. The indie-pop band was heavily active in the 90s, with reunions between 2012 and 2015, before releasing their 2017 LP, Sentimental Education, and EP, A Place Of Greater Safety. The latter, full of covers such as The Cure’s “Fire in Cairo”, made way for a strong opening.

The classic, rhythmic melodies filled the venue, and the dense crowd was digging it. Their set included many tracks spanning throughout their years of music. The band opened with “Gtx 3”, an instrumental track from their newest album. Mellow yet intricate, that track got everyone warmed up. Up next was the song “Malibu Love Nest” from their 2004 album Rendezvous. This got the crowd moving some more, before aforementioned “Fire in Cairo” put everyone in full speed. A quick scan of the crowd and you could see people singing along word-for-word in the pit, while others were seated on the sides, casually enjoying the dream-pop performance. As soon as Luna transitioned to the next song, fans got fired up knowing that whatever hit was to come next, they were going to crush it.

Between the nostalgic tunes, their indomitable stage presence, and devoted fans who have been excitedly awaiting this tour, it was a flawless and memorable performance from Luna, and not a fan left disappointed that night.

Check out their new album here if you haven’t already.

newCiyeva Lafaye