Maya Piata Concert Recap

Photos: Ciara Perozzi

Maya Piata brought an electric chemistry and intimate ora to Deep Ellum as she performed at the Independent Bar and Kitchen to celebrate the release of her upcoming EP, Vernal. The stage was set with erie smoke and yellow spotlights, surrounded by a crowd of newly acclaimed fans, friends, family and Dallas locals arriving with a cosmopolitan in hand ready to hear the sensational Maya Piata.

Dressed in a leather jacket and trendy black sunglasses, Piata started her set with her track, “Worth Living”, as she threw off both items in dance, producing intoxicating energy. Pop, R&B, and 80’s Jazz influences inspired the rest of the setlist with her lighthearted and emotional sound.

While she mostly performed songs off of her new EP, Piata also played previously released songs such as “Summer's Over”. Before playing this airy track about young love, she explained how the inspiration came from her dramatic diary entries as a 17 year old girl.

Photo: Ciara Perozzi

Throughout the night, Piata shared many raw and intimate moments with her audience, especially when she played her rarely performed song, “If You Do”. Before beginning the song, she shares about pulling over on the side of the road and writing on a receipt a rush of feelings she felt about a certain someone. “I wrote this long letter to someone with absolutely no intention of sending it, so I was very honest. A receipt is obviously so small so when I got back to my room, I got a journal and channeled all of those thoughts and it turned into a song.”, Piata said on stage.

At the end of her set she begins to walk off stage and interact with fans, but a roaring chant for an encore began and Piata didn't hesitate to jump right on. After getting together with the band, Piata sang “Yo” by Chris Brown and the audience danced and sang right along beside her.  

Energetic breakouts with her band and laughter were lively throughout her entire show as she interacted with the audience. Her music brings a certain energy and depth that should be experienced to be truly understood. Maya Piata left a beautiful and exhilarating performance with everyone who attended the Independent Bar and Kitchen.

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