Single Premiere: Matthew McNeal - "All For Nothing"

Last month Matthew McNeal released his first follow-up single to his Good Luck album and he is now back with another new song, “All For Nothing”. Written from the perspective of McNeal’s fiancé, “All For Nothing” sheds light on the strength and patience required from the loved one waiting for the touring musician to return home.

“The song gets down to the bare bones of asking your partner to step up to the plate and trust the power of love, despite the chaos one deals with internally”, says McNeal. “I feel like the song can resonate with more than just the touring musician community. The fast-paced world we live in has pushed so much doubt into our lives that plenty of lovers have probably felt this way at some point. I just hope it rings true within someone and opens eyes to how powerful the love of a partner can be when you let it be.”

McNeal’s previous album was reminiscent of that 70’s country-tinged Americana music, but these two recent tracks show off McNeal’s more soulful side and his talent as a songwriter. Recorded at Redwood Studios in Denton, McNeal brought in engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones) for the sessions, as well as Joey and Aaron McClellan and right-hand-man and constant fixture of the band, Andre Black. Check out Matthew McNeal’s new single “All For Nothing” below and you can catch him next week at MASS (Fort Worth) on Tuesday, October 30th.

Austin James