Mega Bog Concert Recap

Photos: Ciyeva Lafaye

Last Tuesday at Club Dada, Seattle- and NYC-based Mega Bog opened for Destroyer during their national tour. They began the night with the song “Diznee” from their second album, Happy Together, which was released just under a year ago. Their lounge, rock, and jazz fusion had the entire crowd immersed almost immediately.

Their song “192014” was a favorite performance of the night. Elaborate percussion and the fervent saxophone combined with the soft, poetic vocals of Erin Birgy really sent you on a blissful musical journey through space. Following a few days of below freezing temperatures, Birgy asks the crowd, “Is it always this cold in Dallas?” The crowd laughed while one excited member exclaimed “It f---ing sucks!!”

Before ending their set, Birgy expressed her appreciation, saying “Thank you Destroyer, my friends, my favorite band, for bringing us along on tour.” The whole group worked seamlessly together and really set the stage for what was an epic night.

Be sure to check out their latest album, Happy Together, which has praise from NPR, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Gorilla vs Bear.

Concert ReviewCiyeva Lafaye