Middle Kids Concert Recap

Photo: Avery Whaite

Fans packed in at Club Dada on Saturday night to see Australian indie-rock band, Middle Kids. Middle Kids released their debut album Lost Friends a little over month ago, and the band was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Duncan Fellows opened up the night and put on a good show to an already packed crowd of eager fans.

The Middle Kids, lead by vocalist and guitarist Hannah Joy, came out to a lit up room from a young crowd full of whoops and hollers. The band started off their set with “Bought It” which builds and falls several times throughout the song, until you get halfway through the song, and a sudden burst of powerful guitars and heavy drums fill the room, and immediately gets the everyone moving.

Photo: Avery Whaite

They also featured some songs from their EP released in 2017, like one of their most popular songs “Edge of Town” and “Your Love” which are both perfect sing-along pop-rock anthems. At one point during the set, the rest of the band put away their instruments and sat on the stage, while Joy went and took over the keyboard to play one of their more mellow songs “Doing It Right” which had fans swaying their heads and hands to the mesmerizing sound of her voice.

Their last song was “So Long, Farewell, I’m Gone” which started off soft but eventually building up to a beautiful of mix guitar solos and vocals. Almost every song played contained slow-building ascents and soaring choruses, and then would finally descend into a single note.

The Middle Kids are the type of band you can tap your foot and nod your head to. The beat is bouncy, the guitars are loud and robust, creating a beautiful Indie-rock atmosphere, that can guarantee a fun and energetic show.

newAvery Whaite