Single Premiere: Tippy Balady - "Mustard"

Photo: Cal Quinn and Aly Fae

We are excited to share with you “Mustard”, the latest single from the  Booker T. Washington High School senior and amazing singer-songwriter, Tippy Balady. Her latest single showcases her silky smooth voice, catchy melodies and radio ready sound. Tippy tells us, “I usually write songs at my piano in my home, but this song was created at school after a friend confided in me about a person being a jerk to them. The conversation frustrated me and I felt badly for my friend so I decided right there I wanted to write a song about it. I always use songwriting as an outlet to express my emotions so I went straight to the school piano room and got to work writing.  I didn’t finish the song right away but I circled back to it a few months later and finished the song by combining the lyrics with a groovy melody and finally entitling the song, ‘Mustard’ because I noticed the person its about wore the color often.”

Earlier this fall, the artist released her single “Begin Again,” a tune on which she collaborated with Jason Burt of Modern Electric Sound Recorders and Nik Lee of The Texas Gentlemen. The single currently boasts over 80,000 streams on Spotify, but Tippy shows no signs of slowing down. After “Mustard” drops, Tippy will return to the studio to produce an EP alongside Burt. “Tippy is the kind of artist we all love because she is transcendent and raw,” Burt says. “I’m so lucky to be able to watch her process her music and make it so unique and individual yet still so approachable.” “’Prolific Tip’ is what I’m calling her these days. She’s got 40 songs in the bag and it’s fun to dig through them to see which will surface next.”

Check out Tippy Balady’s latest single, “Mustard” below.

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