Nautical Nation Concert Recap

Photos: Rebeca Posadas-Nava

Nautical Nation, the Austin-based alternative rock band, spearheaded by Jake Asbury, gave an energetic performance at House of Blues last Friday. “We are here to dance for you and play for you”, they said to an appreciative audience. Nautical Nation played “Jenny” along with a few new tracks. The rhythmic strums made the concert upbeat, with a few audience members bouncing to the beat in the shadows. The band zig-zagged around each other on the stage and jumped with excitement. Jake played “Taming the Ocean,” a song about a girl who “was kind of like the ocean, she gave, she took, and she got angry, and was kind.”

Before Nautical Nation took the stage, local singer/songwriter Remy Rielly charmed the crowd with her powerful vocals. At only fourteen years old, Remy’s sound is a mature mix of soulful jazz and pop. Be sure to check out Nautical Nation’s new single “Jenny” on Spotify, and visit their website for a list of upcoming shows.

Rebeca Posadas-Nava