Oh Pep! Concert Recap

Photos: Terese Fountain

Last Friday, Granada Theater attracted people from all across Dallas, crammed into the theater, drinks in hand, conversing with their friends as they waited patiently for Oh Pep! to take the stage. The group consisting of Olivia Hally (Oh) and Peptia Emmerichs (Pep) is on tour with Gregory Alan Isakov traveling across America all the way to Melbourne, Australia. As the curtains rose, the crowd roared with excitement and the Melbourne beauties wasted no time starting the show — wielding only a guitar, violin, and two illustrious voices. There was a calming feeling that swept over the room as the crowd began to lean in closer to the stage. You would think Hally and Emmerichs were sisters based on how they sang as one, facing each other rather than the audience as they sang. Peptia jokingly mentioned, “We’re making this setlist up as we go”, before performing new songs like “What’s The Deal With David” and older hits like “Doctor Doctor” from their 2016 album Stadium Cake.

While their songs are heavily pop-influenced, their lyrics and instruments of choice (violin and guitar) add a mature and deep tone to their songs. You could hear this in their song “Hurt Nobody”, while upbeat and catchy, the song is about not being able to hold it together — something we can all relate to. Oh Pep! is profoundly relatable and emits a light not seen before. Be sure to purchase or stream their sophomore album I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…available October 26th, 2018.