Overcoats Concert Recap

Photo: Austin James

The New York-based band Overcoats stopped through Dallas Thursday night (Feb 1) at Trees as the openers for indie-pop duo, Tennis.

Having caught up with Overcoats prior to their show, we knew we were in for a treat.

With their matching mom jeans and beige sweater shirts, they fully embraced their normcore style. Following their song “23”, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell fist bumped in casual celebration. Then, turning to their tour drummer they introduce Joao Gonzalez, “We call him Cup-o-Joe because we can’t start our morning without him.” Their charmingly apathetic disposition created a comical, lovable stage presence - well received by the crowd.  

Later in the set, Hana and JJ asked the crowd if they could play a new song - so new they only had it down on guitar and JJ had to ask Hana to feed her the words. Always cool to experience a song in its beginning stages.

Easily our favorite quote from the night was Hana and JJ politely asking that the crowd sign up for their mailing list, saying in sync, “We promise we do not spam, we just send nudes. So please write down your email to get those.” We loved every second of their electronic folk pop and subtle humor.

The duo ended their set with hits like “Leave the Light On”, “Kai’s Song” and their latest single, “I Don’t Believe In Us”.

Finally Tennis hit the stage with their extra groovy 70’s style and an immediate connection with the crowd. After opening with “No Exit”, lead singer Alaina Moore shared that the band was on their 22nd day of tour, and that she sadly started day one with the flu. She admitted to a nightly dinner of pills, but still managed to own the stage with confidence and sensuality.

All in all - great night of shows in Deep Ellum, we highly recommend checking out Overcoats and Tennis next time they are in Dallas!