Paul McDonald Concert Recap

Photos: Rebeca Posadas-Nava

Paul McDonald was welcomed to the Curtain Club by an enthusiastic crowd Wednesday night. The songwriter performed singles from his latest album, Modern Hearts, which he created after he divorced his wife, broke up with his band, and moved back to his hometown in Nashville. Paul opened the concert with “All the Things that Lovers Do”, bringing an immediate energy into the crowd. The engagement between the audience and Paul was intimate, like a family party.

After announcing that he was going to sing “Once You Were Mine”, an audience member asked for him to wait while she used the restroom because it was her favorite song. Paul honored her request and entertained the crowd with stories. “Sometimes people walk into your life and change your perspective,” he explained to the audience before singing “33”. After singing “Stay Home With Me Tonight”, “a glorified Netflix and chill song,” Paul left the stage to play among the audience members. He wove around the tables of Curtain Club dancing, as the crowd sand along with him. He finished the concert with well deserved enthusiastic applause. We highly recommend you check out Paul McDonald next time he comes through Dallas.