Post Animal Concert Recap

Club Dada’s crowd filled in Monday night for a heavy-hitting lineup. Local Dallas band and opener Hall Johnson, a five-piece that recently graduated high school, wowed the crowd with the immense talent and surf rock sound. The Chicago-based band Paul Cherry followed with a jazzy ambience and soft-psych garage rock. Their eclectic style was noticeable, with the keyboardist rocking a large cherry earring that was quite the statement piece. Paul Cherry acknowledges the crowd, saying, “Thanks for being an attentive and cool ass audience.”

The eagerly-awaited headliner and psychedelic rock band from Chicago, Illinois hit the stage, greeted by a dedicated fan base anticipating the live performance of their debut album When I Think Of You On A Castle released in April. The group started things off with an ode to guitarist Javi Reyes’ birthday as he was adorned with a small red cowboy hat featuring a tiara wedged in the front.

Post Animal immediately sent listeners on a spacey, psychedelic journey. Songs like “Castle” were haunting and hypnotic, while more upbeat songs like “Ralphie” brought a bright, pop rock progression complete with heavy guitar and soft trance-like moments. Club Dada even experienced a mini mosh pit forming half-way through their set as the crowd’s energy peaked. Hearing the new album live truly transcends any digital download.

For those not up to speed, the band famously features Joe Keery on guitar and vocals, who plays Steve from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. However, while Keery is no longer an active touring member of Post Animal after launching his acting career, his vocals and guitar can be prominently found laced throughout their albums.

Next time their in town or you have the chance to experience a Post Animal show, make it happen.

PreviewAmy Mrstik