Preoccupations Concert Recap

Photos: Avery Whaite

Despite being a Wednesday night, fans still came out to Club Dada in Dallas to see post-punk band Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong). Lead by frontman Matt Flege, the Canadian band is on tour promoting their latest album New Material this summer.

Unfortunately, the band hasn’t been so lucky on this tour. The group endured two separate incidents where their trailer was broken into and gear was stolen. The latest incident happened on May 15th in San Francisco, CA. The band woke up to their van and trailer broken into where every piece of gear, merch, and sound equipment was stolen, which put the rest of the tour in jeopardy. In a statement from Instagram, Preoccupations described the two incidents as “devastating,” adding that “as [the robbery] sunk in yesterday, [because of] the timeline and logistics, as well as financially, it seemed literally impossible for us to continue this run.” The band then created a GoFundMe page in order to replace their gear so they could continue touring.

Despite all the misfortune, the band still made it to Dallas where Nervous Curtains opened up the night playing some new songs from their latest album Con, and even mentioned how grateful they were to have Preoccupations continue their tour.

Photo: Avery Whaite

Preoccupations took the stage shortly after Nervous Curtains finished their set, and the amount of praise from the audience was unbelievable. Matt Flege never mentioned the incidents, but instead opened up the set by saying, “Let’s shred some gnar” followed by “Select Your Drone” from their 2014 EP Cassette. The rest of the show contained a mixture of songs off their New Material, Preoccupations, and Viet Cong albums. Songs such as “Continental Shelf” and “March of Progress” featured some powerful head nodding drums and dark, synthesized soundscapes which brought up the energy in the room. These were followed with some slower paced yet upbeat songs such as “Disarray” and “Solace” which lacked the same kind of punch as songs before, but still managed to keep the enthusiasm high.

After powering through 10 songs, the band ended the set with one of their longest songs “Death”, which builds and drops throughout its entire 15 minutes, featuring large pieces of hypnotic percussion falling apart into soft guitar plucking before building into a chaotic climax where it finally fades out on itself.

The band left the stage waving without saying a word, knowing the music will speaks for itself. It’s safe to say Preoccupations hasn’t let adversity get the best of them.

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