Proud Parents Concert Recap

Photo: Ciara Perozzi

The four-piece band Proud Parents, laced in high-top shoes and thigh tattoos, gathered on stage for their set at Three Links in Deep Ellum.  Co-founded by singer/guitarists Tyler Fassnacht and Claire Nelson-Lifson, Proud Parents visited all the way from Madison, WI for a night of power-pop and grunge-rock. As fans filled in, Tyler Fassnacht informed the audience of a box of wigs side-stage and invited them to throw one on as they performed. One by one, the crowd  made their way over to the crazy coloration of wigs, and kicked off the night.

The band performed songs off of their newly released self titled LP, Proud Parents, including “Hypnotad” - a perfect display of their catchy melodies and ripping guitar front. Having three vocalists that all contribute in vastly different ways creates a medley of tones that send you straight back to 90’s garage punk. Claire Nelson-Lifson ran through focused and relaxed guitar solos, while Fassnacht bolted in the air and danced around the stage like he was performing for thousands.

Photo: Ciara Perozzi

Performing tracks that were equally as infectious as the last, Proud Parents showcased their harmonious vocals and self reflective lyrics seamlessly all night long. As the set list came to an end and encores arouse, members began to thank the crowd for their involvement and coming out to the show, when we should’ve been thanking them. I highly recommend you check out Proud Parents next time they come through Dallas.

newCiara Perozzi