Song Premiere: Remy Reilly - "Rattlesnake"

 Photo: Will Von Bolton

Photo: Will Von Bolton

Happy new music Friday! We are thrilled to premiere "Rattlesnake" a new song by the 14-year-old singer-songwriter Remy Reilly. This is the second single off her self-titled debut EP created locally at Modern Electric Sound Recorders. Reilly teamed up with producers Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival), Jordache Grant, and Charlie Wiles who helped make her vision come true.

We think this song is an absolute jam, you can feel the attitude and intensity in Reilly's lyrics leading up to the catchy chorus that hits hard and then smooths out with the funky guitar from Jason Burt. "I had written all of my songs on the piano or guitar but Jason took them to another level", says Reilly. "I learned so much from Jason, everything from song arrangements to changing vocal tags and pitch. Jason and Jordache Grant pushed me vocally and only made me better and I am grateful for their insight and guidance."

While Reilly is only 14 years old her songwriting ability and subject matter of her songs is wise beyond her years. Reilly tells us that the inspiration for "Rattlesnake" was, "simply just seeing women out there getting fed up with their man. Although I have never experienced anything of the sort I have seen it on TV and from passed down stories. I just put myself in a mistreated woman’s mind when I wrote it and that is where all the anger came from."

Remy Reilly is thrilled to announce the release of her self-titled debut EP with a gathering from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday, March 23 at Modern Electric Sound Recorders. The party will feature intimate sets by artists who’ve recorded at the studio, including Kirk Thurmond, Becky Middleton, Remy Reilly, and Medicine Man Revival. The event is all ages and interested parties can RSVP for free here on Do 214.

Austin James