RF Shannon Concert Recap

Photos: Avery Whaite

Fans showed up last Thursday to the Small Brew Pub in Dallas to see desert blues band RF Shannon and singer Jacob Metcalf. Lead by frontman and guitarist Shane Renfro, the Austin, Texas band continues their spring tour to promote their sophomore album Trickster Blues, which was released on May 4th.

In a quick conversation with Renfro, I asked the name of their spring tour, and Renfro said, “There isn’t really a name, but we’ve all been talking a lot about eating snakes, so I guess you could call it the Snake-eaters tour.” This is actually a good reflection of their music style. If you mixed country folk with a bit of psychedelic pop-rock, then you get RF Shannon’s desert blues sound.

The band opened the night for Metcalf, and started off with some songs from their Jaguar Palace album that was released in March 2017, and slowly transitioned into some newer songs from Trickster Blues. The sound of RF Shannon allows listeners to get lost in the music, and emulates the feeling of being inside of a dream. Their song “Badlands” especially gives off this vibe. Whether you’re focusing on the quick and in-depth riffs of Renfro on guitar mixed with the pure country synthesized tones from the rest of the band, or the calm, echoed and raspy voice of Renfro, you’re able to just close your eyes and feel a sense of ease and deserted comfort. Their title track “Trickster Blues” drew me in the fastest. The bounciness of the guitar playing between the verses of Renfro’s voice and the melody causes an instinctive nodding of the head to the groove of the song.  

Photos: Avery Whaite

RF Shannon finished off their set with the opening track off their Trickster Blues album, “Tooth Ache”. From the very start I vanish into the sounds of the heavy and choppy guitar riff Renfro plays until the rest of the band transitions into the song. This song is a perfect representation of their unique and creative sound, as it starts with a haunting and foreboding feeling, and quickly transitions into something much more upbeat and calm. Since they go back and forth in these sounds throughout the song it produces a captivating wave of progression.

RF Shannon surely left a lasting impression on the crowd with their mellow, western dreamscape.

Avery Whaite