Seysei Music Video Release Party

Photos: Rebeca Posadas-Nava

Seysei, the Dallas-based Indian pop queen hosted a video release party for her single “Call Me Baby” last Friday. The party was held on the 33rd floor of downtown’s Thanksgiving Tower, showcasing a setting that gave the intimate event a feeling of luxury. DJ OGK and Andoren performed while guests had henna painted on their skin and enjoyed authentic Indian food. Seysei then performed acoustic versions of her deeply personal songs about helping a loved one through addiction and her experience losing an opportunity because she refused to fulfill the sexual favors that a producer demanded.

Although her entire band and dancers were not on stage with her, Seysei’s powerful voice and the energetic pop nuances that flowed through the piano captivated the attention audience all the same. “I wish I could spend time with each and every one of you,” said SeySei as she thanked her fans and creative team for all of the support. Leading up to her big release, she then played the self directed music video for the audience. The video is filled with quick cuts, pastel colors, and animated dancing. It exudes with the confidence and flirtiness of youthful femininity. Make sure you watch Seysei’s “Call me Baby” music video above and stay tuned for more news on her upcoming performances.